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Antique Swiss Model 1851/67 Milbank-Amsler Stutzer

Serial #1793, .41 Swiss RF, 30 1/2" barrel with a very good, lightly freckled, unrifled bore. This is a SIG-manufactured rifle that has an obscured, but still legible Canton Vaud marking on the barrel breech. The metal retains 60-70% of the original browned finish along the barrel, with some gray fading at the muzzle, as well as numerous small handling marks towards the breech. Traces of blue remain on the breech-block, with the balance turned to a mottled gray and plum-brown patina. The hammer and unmarked lock have some original blue remaining, and smooth plum-brown on the remainder. The lock and double-set triggers are fully functional, however the barrel was bored smooth at some point after the rifle left military inventory, and is now a .44/.45 caliber smoothbore (the .41 Swiss RF chambering has not been altered). The wedge-fastened walnut stock has numerous small handling marks and blemishes throughout, as well as some vise marks and small scratches and scuffs on either side of the lock. The stock furniture has a mottled plum-brown patina, while the button-headed ramrod is armory bright. Additionally, there is a single, crescent-shaped wood repair next to the breech-block on the right side of the stock. This is a very nice example of a modified Milbank-Amsler Stutzer, and would make a great addition to any collection. Antique
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