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Rare E. Remington & Sons 44 Remington Straight Creedmoor Rifle Ammo

This is a full box, 8 original rounds, of .44 Calibre Straight Shell Creedmoor Rifle ammunition (.44-90 Remington Straight) and hand marked on the box with 100 grains of powder and paper patched solid head metallic cartridges.  The very early two piece yellow and black marbled box has the early 1880's E. Remington & Sons labeling with the entwined “E R S” logo.  The label retains excellent graphics and is solid with some slight staining and tiny flaking.  The box is solid with some mild edge wear and one corner having seam separation.  The cartridges are in excellent condition with slight age darkening on the cases all in the original factory paper wrapper.  Included is the original folded paper instruction sheet for reloading.  An excellent box showing the original and correct spelling “Creedmoor” for the cartridge and rifle designation.  A must have for the Remington Creedmoor rifle owner or the early E. Remington & Sons ammo collector!

  • Brand: Remington
  • Item #: 47976
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  • $895.00

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