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German M1898/05 rifle Bayonet & scabbard WWI for 98 Mauser

German M1898/05 rifle Bayonet & scabbard with frog from WWI. This is a nice example of a "J.CORTS SOHN, REMSCHEILD", early type 98/05 with muzzle ring ears and with no flash guard. The blade is excellent original condition, light oxidation freckling, no chip with correct tip, length is correct at 14 1/2” and never sharpened. Handle is also in fine condition with nice brown patina. There is almost no surface oxidation on pommel, handle and guard. The frog is in very good to excellent condition with fairly supple leather and nice tight stitching. The early scabbard is in very good condition with some surface oxidation on the chape and locket. Spine markings correct with manufacture date of 1915, crown over W, with all of the hardware having proof marks with clear marking throughout. This is an exceptional example of a WWI 98/05. Please see pictures for details.

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