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Scarce UMC 40-90 Sharps Straight Ammo 370 Grain Black Powder

This is a scarce full box, 5 original rounds, of .40-90 Sharps Straight, .40 Calibre ammunition for the Sharps Rifle with 3 ½ inch shell, 90 grains of powder and 370 grain patched bullet manufactured by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company. The two piece green label box has an excellent primary label with call-outs for Berdan's and Wood's patents. The box has careful and professional repairs to the top's corners with seam separation on the lower inside corners but is otherwise excellent. The cartridges are in excellent condition.
  • Brand: Remington
  • Item #: 46305
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  • $495.00

Tags: Remington Sharps .40-90