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Strong Salute Cannons Serial #1 Belonging to HH Sefried II of Winchester

The first is a 10 bore cannon: serial #1, 10 Ga. Blank, 14 1/4" barrel with a very good, lightly pitted bore.  This is an original early 20th century yachting signal gun that has a dull ochre-brown patina throughout, with some further areas of dark green tarnish at the muzzle, as well as at the barrel breech when opened.  The breech-piece and breech end of the tube exhibit numerous small peen marks, and the trigger device is missing (its space on the cascabel is vacant), but the manual extractor is fully functional.  The underside of the tube is stamped, "H.H. SEFRIED II" near the breech.  The gun is mounted on an original walnut, four-wheeled carriage with newer, solid rubber "tires" added to the wheels.  The second is a smaller, 12 bore gun that has no visible serial number, and a 7 7/8" barrel with a lightly pitted bore.  The brass has a matching ochre-brown patina, with numerous small peen marks on the brass throughout.  Again, the tube is stamped "H.H. SEFRIED II" on the underside.  The walnut carriage has small handling marks and small blemishes scattered about, and is missing both of the wheels.  Harry Sefried II was a designer and engineer who designed both the High Standard Sentinel, as well as the T65 Select-Fire Garand prototype currently displayed at the Cody Museum.  In addition, upon his move to Sturm, Ruger & Co., he was instrumental in the design of the Ruger .44 Carbine, Model 10/22 Rifle, Security-Six Revolver, among many others.  The cannons were part of Sefried’s personal collection before being acquired by noted Winchester historian Herb Houze, from whom the cannons were purchased.  This is a great pair of Strong signal cannons, with connections to an important American firearms designer, with one being a highly desirable serial number 1 example.

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