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Winchester 38 RF Long Lesmok Shot Cartridges Ammo Full Box

This is a full box, 50 original rounds, of Winchester .38 Long Rim Fire Shot Cartridges. The early two piece, green label box has the red “SHOT CARTRIDGES” on the top label with a “LESMOK” ink stamp as well. The box is somewhat tender and rates about good with lost end flaps, tape repair on one side and a small flake missing with a piece of tape on the lid label. Aside from the small flake, everything remains legible on the lid and there are two Winchester guarantee labels, one on the side and one on the bottom. The copper-cased shot cartridges with "H" head stamps rate very fine to near excellent showing a little minor tarnishing and handling marks. As the cartridges are shorter than normal, a wooden base is provided in the box to allow use of the same sized packaging. Though the box is somewhat tender this is a very interesting find for the Winchester ammunition collector.

  • Brand: Winchester
  • Item #: 40581
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  • $125.00

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