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Collection of Winchester Shooting Medals 10K Gold

This is a near complete collection of Winchester Junior Rifle Corps Marksman Medals, These medals are in excellent condition and date before 1929 when Winchester stopped funding the program due to the great depression. The metals are each approx. 1.5 x 1 in. diameter. Each medal depicts the Winchester emblem over two crossed rifles and the title "Junior Rifle Corps" all within a wreath, each suspended from a pinback banner bearing the grade title. These metals were issued in the grades of "Pro-Marksman" (bronze), "Marksman" (silver), "Sharpshooter" (gold) and the pinnacle, “Expert Rifleman”. As an incentive to compete for distinction, members were awarded special suspension stripes that indicated how many perfect targets they had shot with a possible 500 as seen in collection. This collection of metals was earned by and most of the reverse side are inscribed “E. Feld” who rose to the greatest hights of the Junior Rifle Corps. The expert rifleman metal is cast in 10K Gold by the still operating firm of Panikoff Jewlers in CT. Never have we seen a more complete set of Winchester Junior Rifle Corps Marksman Medals. What an addition to any collection of early Winchester collectibles or shooting medal collection.

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