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Excellent Antique W. &. C. Scott Double Hammer 12 GA 1886 Engraved Swan

Serial #39427, 12 GA (2 1/2"), 28 inch fine Damascus barrels with light roughness in each tube choked cylinder and Improved cylinder. This is an early W. & C. Scott side by side hammer shotgun marked "W & C. SCOTT & SON. MAKERS & PATENTEES. LONDON." manufactured in 1886. This "B" grade light weight shotgun weighing in at 6lbs 12oz making this a slightly heavy "Featherweight" has about 50% scrollwork on the metal surfaces with a beautiful Swan engraved onto the left side plate. The side plates are also marked "W. & C. SCOTT & SON". The gun is in excellent condition with the fine Damascus barrels retaining much of the original pattern still in the brown toning to a pleasant pewter grey and free of any major dents with only tiny use marks and some very small nicks. The side plates perhaps 65-70% of the original vibrant case color with the balance fading to smoky grey with the balance of the frame, hammers and trigger guard showing trace amounts and mostly faded a pleasing smoky gray. The nicely figured and checkered walnut stock and forearm are excellent, sporting a blank silver oval name plate and horn butt plate showing numerous light use marks and some very minor wear and flattening of a few points in the still very crisp checkering. The barrel flats have the appropriate British proof marks with the water table having the W & C Scott Patent for the action. The LOP is 14" to the forward trigger with drops of 2" and 3 ?? at the comb and heel respectively. The barrels are on face with a tight lock up and the lever resting in the center. The hammers hold on half and full cock and release with a crisp trigger pull. A beautiful, early, W. & C. Scott double hammer shotgun that would be a pleasure to shoot with the proper low pressure loads. Antique
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