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Original US Navy Model 1889 .38 Caliber Revolver Rig

This is an original rig consisting of a Civil War era bridle leather belt with oval "US" lead-filled plate, a Model 1889 "USN" holster, and Model 1889 "USN" cartridge pouch. The belt is still quite flexible, although the leather is heavily crazed with areas of flaking along the exterior surface, and the tag end has been trimmed so the keeper loop is no longer present. The holster is in matching condition with areas of flaking along the exterior, but the cover flap is still supple and the tarnished brass snap is still fully functional. The single belt loop in the back is likewise intact and is actually in fine condition. The Model 1889 US Navy cartridge box is in matching condition with flaked, but intact leather, and a complete, unbroken original wooden block with spaces for six loose .38 Colt cartridges, and two six-cartridge loader packs. This is a fine example of a desirable US Navy late 19th ?Çô early 20th century revolver rig, and would make a splendid addition to a collection.
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