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US Army WWII Enlisted man's Ike Jacket

This jacket was worn by a soldier who served in both the US Third Army and US Seventh Army. It appears the soldier was stationed in Germany or Austria following the war and acquired high quality German made insignia for his jacket, including a classic Germanic manufactured style US Third Army patch (with some minor damage as shown in the photo), a bullion Seventh Army patch, and a bullion Unit Presidential Citation patch. The chevrons and overseas hash marks are standard early war US Army issue, but stitched in an unusual way, suggesting theater application. The jacket is a size 34 and was made by Shapiro Clothing Co. under a December 1944 with the Philadelphia QM Depot. As shown in the photos there is some mouth damage at the bottom of the right breast pocket, but the jacket is overall in nice condition. An exceptionally nice example of a jacket worn by occupation troops at the end of the war and during the Nuremburg War trial era.
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