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British Bronze Barreled 6-Pounder Cannon Field Gun Cast at Woolwich in 1859

Serial #326 (CCCXXVI), 3 5/8" bore.  This is a handsome and well-preserved gun that measures 5’ 5" in length overall, and measures 15" across at the trunnions.  The metal has developed a pleasant green patina over time, with some ochre-colored metal still present on a few spots, and the touchhole was spiked before it was released or sold out of government stores (this would be easily reversible should one want to restore the cannon to operability).  The markings are still crisp and clear with the monogram and motto of the Secretary of State for War on the chase ("JP" and "INDUSTRIA"); Broad Arrow and lot number on the second reinforce ("3839"); weight marking on the first reinforce ring ("5-3-26"); Queen Victoria’s royal cypher on the first reinforce; the name of the Woolwich Superintendent of Gun Factories on the base ring (F.M. EARDLEY-WILMOT); casting date on the left trunnion ("1859"); and serial number on the right trunnion ("Y9 / CCCXXVI").  The chase monogram is for Lieut. Gen. Jonathan Peel, member of the Queen’s Privy Council, and who was Secretary of State for War under the Earl of Derby; Prime Minister from February 20, 1858 – June 11, 1859, so the production of this gun can be dated to somewhere between January and June of 1859.  The weight is marked in hundredweights, quarter hundredweights and pounds: 5 cwts. (560 lbs.), 3 q/cwts. (84 lbs.), and 26 lbs.; or 670 lbs. total.  The base ring marking refers to Col. Frederick Marow Eardley-Wilmot, RA, who was appointed to the post of Superintendent of Gun Factories in 1855.  This is a splendid piece of mid-19th century British artillery, and would make an excellent addition to any British military or artillery collection.

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