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The London Gun Trade 1850-1920: Gunmakers of London

This title is intended to help fill the gap between 1850 when Howard Blackmore.s London Gunmakers 1350-1850 and its recently published Supplement end, and the years following World War I. It records the names, addresses and dates for Gun & Pistol Makers, Gun Barrel Makers, Gun Barrel Browners, Gun Barrel Prover, Gun Case Makers, Gun Engravers, Gun Flint Makers, Gun Implement Makers, Gun Lock Makers, Gun Lock Polishers, Gun Stock Manufacturers, Gunpowder Manufacturers, Gunpowder Flask Makers, Gun Wadding Manufacturers, Percussion Cap Makers, Shooting Schools, etc. The London Gun Trade 1850-1920: A Checklist of Tradesmen compiled by Joyce E. Gooding and Peter A. Scott-Edeson. 48. pp., ill.
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