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Late 17th Century Spanish Style Cup-Hilt Rapier

This is an impressive weapon that measures 42 1/8" overall, with a 35 3/8" straight, double-edged blade with engraved forte.  The metal has an overall mottled gray patina with areas of freckling and some pinprick pitting scattered evenly along the length of the blade and hilt.  The engraving is still faintly visible, with delicate scrollwork and what appears to be a maker’s (now illegible) name in a panel about 1/3 of the way up the blade on both faces.  The hilt has a domed counterguard with two unswept quillons and a deeply curved knucklebow fastened by two screws at the top.  The grip has tightly wrapped, unbraided wire, and a bulbous, faceted pommel with relief decoration and exposed capstan rivet.  Judging by the style, this rapier dates from ca. 1650 – 1700, and would make a wonderful addition to any collection.

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