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Vintage Chinese Souvenir Katana Sword and Scabbard

This is an unusual sword that measures 40” overall with a 27 3/4” blade measured to the tarnished brass habaki. The blade has an attractive patterned steel blade with hori-mono on the reverse, and an overall pewter gray patina without a visible temper line, and long, o-kissaki tip. The steel has a few spots of freckling within the narrow single fullers. The blade is held in rather cheaply made, tourist souvenir mounts, including a sheet brass scabbard with etched mythological motifs, and hangar bands and furniture based on IJN military mounts, but with more benign decorative flourishes. The blade tang has three partially drilled peg holes and a faint number stamp, “55”. This is a very interesting Japanese style sword, with a very handsome blade, and cheap souvenir mounts.

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