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The Fraser Highlanders Book History (Soft Cover)

The Fraser Highlanders By Col. J. R. Harper: The Fraser Highlanders were first raised in 1757 by Simon Fraser, Master of Lovat for service in North America where it was named the 78th Regiment of Foot. In 1775 he again raised 2,340 Highlanders who became the First and Second Battalions of the 71st Highland Regiment in April 1776. In 1964, Col. Harper, again raised the 78th Fraser Highlanders to be stationed at the Old Fort on Ste. Helen.s Island, Montreal have paraded in Canada, the United States and Great Britain. This book is the story of the Frasers from their very beginnings: their service in the Seven Years War, The American Revolution, The South African War, and World War One and Two. A comprehensive index (500 col. inches) included. 256 pp., 29 ill.
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