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US Model 1836 Percussion Conversion Pistol by Johnson With Brass Tack Decorations

NSN, .54 Caliber, 8 1/2" barrel with a very good, lightly pitted bore.  This pistol has a "US / R. JOHN(SON) / 1836" marked lock, with the metal having an overall mottled gray patina.  Plum-brown freckling is present in patches throughout, heaviest on the trigger guard and pommel.  Additional small areas of pinprick pitting are present on the bolster as well.  The hammer does not catch at full-cock.  The walnut stock is in fair-good condition with a small chip missing from the front portion of the lockplate, and some parallel diagonal cracks on the left side running back from the sideplate.  The wood was embellished with 20 brass tacks (18 of which remain) at some point, along both sides of the grip and near the forend tip on the right side.  This is a good looking pistol that has some neat, frontier style embellishments.  Antique

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