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Imperial Japanese Army Company Grade Kyu-Gunto With Heirloom Blade

This is a handsome sword, with a wakizashi-length blade that measures 28 3/4" overall (tip to tang), with a 23 3/8" cutting edge. The blade itself has an overall bright gray patina with wavy "nioi" temper line, and medium-length, "chu-kissaki" tip. The steel has some minor blemishes along its length, most noticeably some small areas of plum-brown freckling along either side. The tang has a single rivet hole with herringbone "taka-no-ha" file marks, and what looks like an illegible inscription on the obverse. The hilt fittings are typical of a Type 19 Kyu-Gunto, and features a single serrated brass "seppa", and bright silver "habaki". The grip has an original white rayskin wrap with intact wires, and the crossguard with long knucklebow has much of the original gilt finish remaining. The forward portion of the knucklebow has some impact damage an is slightly misshapen as a result. The steel scabbard has a brightly polished surface and is in excellent condition with practically no dents or handling marks along its length. The blade is most probably from the Shinto period (1530 ?Çô 1867), with the military mounts dating much later. Regardless, it is an attractive sword with very nice Imperial military furniture, and would make a welcome addition to any collection.
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