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Post Civil War Model 1860 Staff and Field Officers' Sword

This Model 1860 Staff and Field Officers' Sword has a long 29", straight, diamond shaped blade. Both sides are decorated in a leaf pattern in silver chasing. On the obverse, there is also a leaf design with "US" and a large casting reading "SHUYLER HARTLEY & GRAHAM N.Y.". A similar leaf design can also be found on the reverse of the blade with the name "G.C. PRESTON". The grip is made of sharkskin, with twisted gilt wire. The pommel is vase shaped. It bears a casting of an eagle on the obverse and a casting of a blank shield on the reverse. The top of the pommel bears a floral design centered around the Capstan Rivet. The knuckleguard is a thin strip of brass, which modestly branches off at the very bottom to form the counterguard. The center of the knuckleguard features a casting of fairly simple floral sprays. The obverse of the counterguard bears a casting of an eagle with its wings spread and includes a number of flags, a US shield, and a cluster of laurel sprays. The knuckle and counterguards terminate in a quillon that extends outward and is shaped like a horn. The quillon bears a casting of a lions head on the top. Over-all the sword is in very good condition with little of the gold finish.

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